Make Your Own Knife

Make Your Own Knife

Check Out Our Videos on Making Your Own Knife

We are excited to announce that has launched two exciting new videos that give you an insight into the art of making your own knife and sheath. Whether you are an experienced knifemaker or a beginner, these videos will be a great guide on how to create your own knife.

Make Your Own Knife

Our first video guides you through the steps to create your own unique knife. Learn how to choose the perfect knife blade, customize the handle with our wood blocks, and master the technique to make a knife you will be proud of.

Make Your Own Sheath

The second video takes you on a journey through the process of creating your own custom knife sheath. We show you step by step how to design, shape, and sew a durable sheath that fits your knife perfectly.

At Brusletto, we have everything you need to get started with knifemaking. Our extensive range includes knife blades, wood blocks, leather materials, ferrules, and thread. Whether you want to build a traditional Norwegian knife, a modern hunting knife, or a unique artistic creation, we have what you need. Let your creativity blossom and start your journey as a true knifemaker with Brusletto.

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