Knife with engraving

Knife with engraving

We have the perfect gifts!

Are you going to baptism or confirmation? A lifelong gift with personal engraving on the blade or shaft is a great gift that will bring joy for many years. Or do you have something to celebrate at work? An engraved knife is equally suitable for a jubilee, anniversary or other corporate gifts. We engrave almost all products, including kitchen knives, paring knives, hunting knives, saws and axes. With us, you will always find your favorite that you can engrave on. We do not have the right to exchange engraved products, as this is considered a specially ordered product. NB! Remember that when engraving, you must count on approx. one week delivery time!

How do you engrave the knife?

You can easily add engraving by filling in the desired text on or handle or blade of the knife you choose to buy. If you want engraving on both the shaft and blade, just fill in a text in both fields. The font used is Rockwell Regular. Note that the text must be free of special characters. The price for engraving is listed in the field you fill in. We adjust the size of the text based on the size of the knife and contact you if there is any doubt. 

Engraving on shaft

As a rule of thumb, it is better to engrave on light shafts than dark shafts. The engraving will be more obvious on a bright shaft such as Rondane, Storbucken Masur, Villmarka or Bruslettokniven. You can still engrave on darker shafts, but it will not be as clear as on light shafts. A light shaft is often oiled, while a dark shaft is often stained and oiled. 


Engraving on leaf

We also engrave on the blade and this is the most popular option if you only want engraving on either the shaft or the blade. We normally engrave on the opposite side of the logo on the knife blade. A few knives have logos on both sides (eg Hunter and Hunter Premium).  In these cases, we engrave where we see it most appropriate, depending on the length of the text. 



Engraving cutting edge

We also engrave cutting boards, where the engraving will take place on the short side of the board in the same place as the handle.

Suggestion for engraving text for dad
"World's Best Dad"
"Dad's traveling companion"
"Strong as a bear"

Suggestion for engraving text for mum:
"Mom, my safe haven"
"Mum, my role model"
"Mother, my guide"

Suggestion for engraving text for brother or sister:
"Sibling love"
"Together through thick and thin"
"Always by your side"
"Together, always"

Suggestion for engraving text for a good friend:
"Thanks for the good memories"
"Friends for life"
"Adventure Companion"

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