How to use the Brusletto knife sharpener

How to use the Brusletto knife sharpener

Written by Åste Innleggen @aastesvillmarksliv

First and foremost, it is important to maintain your knife. Sharpening is only necessary when the knife has become dull.

Good tips for good maintenance

  • Keep the knife clean. Have you used it cooking or gutting fish. Rinse the knife and dry well before putting it back in the sheath
  • Remember to sharpen the knife. To keep the knife sharp, it may be a good idea to sharpen the knife regularly with a sharpening steel.
  • Do not wash the knife in the dishwasher. If it is to be washed, it should be done by hand

How to make a dull knife sharp again?

When the knife is dull, a new egg must be sharpened. Insert the knife into the hole on the rough side first. Then you pull the knife towards you, do this 5-7 times to sharpen a new egg. After that, feel free to switch sides and do the same on the fine side for fine grinding.

There are many different grinding methods and grinding tools. Both for those who want it simple and for the specialists.

I have considered Brusletto's light and simple knife sharpener, which fits nicely in the bag on a trip.

To check the sharpness of the knife after sharpening, you can feel free to put the knife against the nail or by running your thumb over the edge.

You can have a good quality knife with the right maintenance for decades.

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