How to make a bark boat?

How to make a bark boat?

Making a bark boat is a fun activity for those who want to practice with their knife or want a fun activity at the cabin or in your nearest forest. All you need is access to bark, twigs, a knife and a stream, river or water.

  1. Find a piece of bark, either fallen on the ground or loosely attached to a tree. We recommend bark from Furu, it flows best and can be easily nailed. Remember not to cut deeply into the tree, so that it is damaged.
  2. Shape the piece of bark into a boat shape by nailing it oblong with a point at each end. You can also get by with a piece of bark that already has a boat shape, if you're lucky.
  3. Make a hole in the middle of the bark boat with the tip of your knife. (Scout blunt tip and the children's knife are not suitable here. When you have made a hole in the middle of the boat you can attach a stick as a mast to the boat.
  4. If the stick is not pointed, you can make it sharper so that you can thread the sail more easily. Use leaves or paper as sails. If you use paper, you can write the name of the boat on the sail.


Now it is ready for the barge boat race. Collect several barges and compete to see which one is the fastest. The most fast-paced is competing in a stream or a smaller river. Remember to start at the same time and have fun!

Good luck!åt/Barkebat_1.jpgåt/Barkebat_2.jpgåt/Barkebat_3.jpg

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