About shaft and sheath

About shaft and sheath


Most shafts are made from masur birch, mountain birch, walnut, olive wood and micarta.

Masurb birch

Val birch, also called masur birch, is the result of stunted growth in birch. Buds or cork cambium grow into the wood and form wood with chaotic fiber direction and strips of bark-like material. This forms a fine pattern in the wood, which is particularly evident in wet or oiled wood.

Valbjørk is widely used as a material, among other things: knife handles, bowls, cups and decorative items. The particular disease is caused by a gene error, and most often occurs on hanging birch. One of approx. 10,000 trees have this disease.

In Norway, most Masur birch is found in Eastern Norway, but the occurrences are scattered. Masur birch is also found naturally in southern areas of Sweden, Finland, the Baltics and Belarus.

Mountain birch

Mountain birch or arctic birch is a deciduous tree that belongs to the birch family. It was previously considered a separate species, but is now classified as a genetic variant or subspecies of common birch.

Mountain birch grows in the mountain region throughout southern Norway, in northern Norway also in the lowlands. In the Nordic region, it grows in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland. They form the tree line towards Snaufjellet in many places


Mahogany is a common term for timber from several tropical tree species. Characterized by a beautiful reddish-brown color when the wood is polished. The wood is easy to process and resistant to termite attack and water, which meant that it was particularly used in the past to make, among other things, furniture, interiors and boats.

American root nut

Is a species of deciduous tree in the walnut family. It grows mostly in marginal zones, from southern Ontario, west to southeast South Dakota, south to Georgia in the USA. Black walnut is an important wood commercially, as the wood has a deep brown color and is easy to work. Walnut seeds (nuts) are cultivated for their distinctive and desirable taste. Walnut trees are grown both for timber, food and many cultivars have been developed for improved quality of wood or nuts.

Olive trees

Olive tree is a species of small trees in the oil tree family, which originates from the coastal areas of the eastern parts of the Mediterranean, from Lebanon to the coast of Asia Minor and the northernmost parts of Iran. The olive fruit, which comes from this species, is one of the Mediterranean countries' most important agricultural products, as it is used to make olive oil. Today, olives are grown in many regions of the world. Olive tree is a late-growing hardwood species. When the tree no longer bears fruit, it is used to make various types of products (furniture, kitchen products, hiking products, etc.). The type of wood is very well suited for this due to the hardness of the material.

Maintenance of wooden shafts

The wooden shafts are inserted with linseed oil and then polished so that it is almost maintenance-free. If maintenance is needed, the shaft can be inserted with oil, for example a furniture oil or cooking oil. Then you can let the oil soak in for ten minutes before wiping off the excess oil.


Micarta is a material made from textile, paper and other types of fiber materials that are combined with resin and then hardened under pressure and high heat. This means that the material is very durable and has a very good durability. The material is then sanded and given a beautiful finish. Micarta can have a layered structure based on the type of fiber materials used in the production of the shaft. Micarta is a dead material, which makes it very suitable as a knife handle.


The scabbard is made of cow leather. We use vegetable leather in our sheaths & the leather items we sell. Leather that is tanned with plant-based agents is referred to as vegetable leather. This has been the most common way of tanning leather. Oak and fig bark, olive leaves and tara pods, Mimosa bark or Quebracho wood are used to tan the leather. The active substances, which occur in these types of plants, are called "Tannin"

Some models have a separate safety insert so that the knife lies firmly and securely in place during all kinds of traffic and activity in forests and fields. The insert also means that the knife slides more easily in and out of the sheath, and that the sheath holds its shape better. Other scabbards have an edgeblock, which means that the edge rests against an extra layer of leather, which protects against cutting through the seam.
We have inserted the sheath with leather gloss that protects the leather. The scabbard can be maintained by inserting it with a little leather grease or shoe polish once in a while.

The fitting on top of the sheath - where it exists - is often produced in sterling silver and can be polished with silver polish. On some models such as Hunter and Tiur, it is made of aluminium.

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