The Bunad Knife

The Bunad Knife

Written by Iréne K. Kristiansen @jaktjenter

Since ancient times, the knife has been an indispensable companion, quickly becoming part of everyday attire.

For special occasions, it became customary to have a more ornate knife that matched the outfit, often with fine carvings.


Who Can Use a Bunad Knife?

The Bunad knife is for both men and women! On the men's Bunad, the knife is attached with a silver button, and on the women's Bunad, it can be attached to the silver belt, with a silver button, or a small loop can be made in the skirt to attach the sheath.


Which Side Should the Bunad Knife Hang On?

Traditionally, it was said that if you were right-handed, the knife should be attached to the left side so that you could quickly defend yourself (draw the knife quickly from the sheath). Nowadays, it is more common to hang the knife on the right side if you are right-handed. Therefore, it is optional which side you prefer to attach the knife to. For women, it is most common to hang the knife on the opposite side of the purse.


Is It Legal to Carry a Bunad Knife in Public?

Yes, it is legal to carry a Bunad knife for so-called "honorable purposes." Both the Bunad knife and the decorative knife for the Bunad or festive attire fall under this category. In 1993, a ban was enacted against carrying knives in public places. Violation can lead to fines or imprisonment for up to one year. However, the ban does not apply to "honorable purposes," and the Bunad knife or decorative knife for Bunad and festive attire qualifies. So, the answer is "Yes!"

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