Personal engraving of knife blade and handle by Brusletto

Make your gift extra special with a personal engraving! An engraved knife is a perfect gift, and everyone needs sharp friends in the kitchen or on a trip. We supply tour knives, hunting knives, kitchen knives, saws and axes with laser engraving. Show that you appreciate your colleague, friend, lover, father or mother - with an engraved knife. For example, you can engrave the name of the person you love - into the shaft or blade. We offer engraving of knife blades and handles to create memorable gifts for friends and family. Choose between your own words or you can use the texts we have suggested as inspiration to give your knife a personal touch. Get more inspiration if you press here:  

We adjust the size of the engraving to the length of the text to ensure it looks perfect on the knife. We use the stylish and timeless Rockwell Regular font to give the engraving a classic and elegant look. Remember that you must calculate approximately one week's delivery time for engraving orders.

If you want to order Nansen, Hunter or Hunter Premium, we would like to inform you that these knives have the logo on both sides. Therefore, we carry out the engraving in a slightly smaller size than usual and adapt it so that it looks the best possible. If you want to engrave the blade on these knives, you may want to choose a shorter engraving. We recommend using initials instead of longer names.

NB! Remember that when engraving, you must count on approx. one week delivery time!

Here you can see examples of knife engravings


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