Brusletto Sølvgutten

Gift and anniversary knife

Article number:BO12002
Brusletto Sølvgutten is a gift / anniversary knife more than anyone. It has a solid case in real 925 silver and is delivered in a beautiful wooden box.

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Brusletto Sølvgutten is the No. 1 gift/anniversary knife. It has a massive holk in real 925 silver and comes in a gorgeous wooden box with carvings in the lid. The knife has a total length of 18 cm and a straight-cut blade that is 7.6 cm long. The shaft is made of curly birch that is specially treated so that the pattern in the wood is really expressed. The blade is made of stainless knife steel and the sheath is made of colored oxhide leather and has safety inserts. The sheath has a locking strap that locks the blade in the sheath when not in use. Any engraving is placed on the left side of the blade or optionally on the shaft.