Brusletto Falken

Very good hunting and hiking knife

Article number:BO10103
Very good hunting and tour knife with hole-sharpened blade. Works excellent for other tasks. 14116N steel in the knife blade. Oiled masur birch shaft.

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This is a very good hunting knife/hiking knife with a hollow-cut blade. The blade has a curved upswing (trailing point) adapted for hunting, but which is also applicable for other uses. Since the blade is hollow-cut, the knife is perfect for cutting meat (between the skin and the meat). The blade is not too long - which makes the knife good to use. The knife has a cast aluminum holk with finger guard. 14116N steel in the blade which is extra durable and oiled curly birch in the shaft. The knife has a cast aluminum holk. The knife comes with a leather sheath and a beautiful gift box.