Brusletto Renessanse


Article number:BO15202
Brusletto Renaissance is an excellent bunad knife with beautiful details on the shaft and sheath. The knife is one of the five official knives in the serie

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Brusletto Renessanse is one of the five official knives in the series 2000-year knives that were made for the turn of the millennium. Brusletto Renaissance is a highly decorative uutility knife that is also used as a bunad knife. The knife has a holk in hand-moulded tin and the blade is made of stainless knife steel. The blade shaft is made of oiled curly birch and the knife has sheaths in colored oxhide with a characteristic embossed pattern. The sheath has safety inserts and a hinged belt loop. The knife is also widely used as an exclusive gift as it has a very classic, elegant and traditional expression.