National costume knife

Many people already carry a knife in their belt as a tool for work or when they are out in the woods. This has been the foundation for national costume knives. When dressing up for special occasions like weddings, confirmations, May 17th, or parties, many people want an extra nice knife in their belt for the occasion. This has become increasingly popular over time, in line with the growing interest in national costumes.

In the old days, a knife was seen as a tool used every day. The knives people used were often passed down to the next generation as an heirloom. This tradition continues today, with the finest knives being passed on to the next generation.

The national costume knives made by Brusletto in Geilo are designed to last for generations. We have been making knives for the Norwegian market since 1896. The handles we use are made of curly birch, and the sheaths are hand-stitched and decorated. Typically, smaller knives are used as national costume knives, and we recommend these knives as national costume knives: Renaissance, Silver Boy, Rypa, and Rognaldkniven. All of these knives can be engraved to complete the outfit.

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