Knife for children

When it comes to introducing children to outdoor activities and craftsmanship, a good hiking knife is a valuable tool. We offer a selection of hiking knives designed specifically for small hands and adventurers on the go. We have hiking knives and carving knives specifically designed for children and their hands.

Our selection includes knives with and without finger guards, and it's important to choose the right knife for your child's needs. Knives with finger guards provide an additional safety feature that prevents fingers from sliding forward onto the blade, providing extra grip. Knives without finger guards offer more freedom to move the hand along the blade and may be more suitable for older and more experienced users. Scout blunt tip and scout pointed tip both have finger guards that make the knife safer to use. The carving knife, Balder, and Brusletto knife are good knives for slightly more experienced users.

Regardless of which knife you choose, you can be confident that our selection of hiking knives for children is designed with a focus on safety and quality. With our knives, you can give children an opportunity to explore and learn about outdoor activities and craftsmanship in a safe and enjoyable way.

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