Brusletto Knife Sharpener Two Steps

Article number:BO46230586
A sharp knife is essential when you're cooking in the kitchen.

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Brusletto knife sharpener with 2 stages that can be used for both European and Japanese knives.
Ceramic wheels and handle made of plastic inlaid with stainless steel.
The knife sharpener has sharpening stones with stainless steel diamond coating, 360 grit, and ceramic sharpening wheels, 1000 grit.
Stage 1 sharpens and maintains the edge.
Stage 2 refines and polishes the edge.


Place the knife sharpener on a flat and stable surface.
Hold the knife with one hand and the handle with the other hand.
Place the end of the blade in the "V" slot with the metal blades.
Apply just enough pressure on the knife to make contact with the metal wheel.
Pull the blade back in a single motion.
Repeat 3-5 times and then place the blade in the "V" slot with the ceramic wheel.
Repeat steps 4 to 6.
Please note:

Never sharpen a dirty knife.
Do not sharpen ceramic or serrated blades.
Do not twist or move the blade back and forth in the sharpening slots.
Apply light pressure on the blade during sharpening for the best result.
The white ceramic wheels may become stained after sharpening.
Wash the ceramic wheels periodically with a degreasing agent to remove the buildup on the wheel after sharpening.