Brusletto Make your own sheath

Tool set with 14 parts

Article number:BO10191
Now you can sew your very own sheath, in this package you get all the tools you need.

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We have put together a pack of different tools you need to make your own sheath for your knife. Inside the gift box you will find a small brochure that explains what the individual products can be used for. The set consists of 14 products that are necessary to make your own sheath.
The kit contains the following tools:
1. 7 sewing needles for sewing sheaths
2. 50 meters of black wax thread
3. 50 meters of dark coffee-coloured wax thread
4. 50 meters of neutral colored wax thread
5. Cube with beeswax
6. Marking wheel with black wooden handle
7. Thimble
8. Awl with holes
9. Handle cylinder
10. Cowhide finger protector
11. Edge marker for crimping and sealing edge trims
12. Leather rail
13. Cut-out pen
14. Edge trimmer

The kit does not include a piece of leather to make your own sheath.