Hunter Premium Chef Mini AP

<br>Vegetable knife 13.5 cm blade w / air pocket

Article number:BO96073
Hunter Premium Chef Mini AP is a handmade and exclusive tournament knife that is designed, developed and made by hand in our factory in Geilo

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Hunter Premium Chef "mini" is a handmade and exclusive vegetable knife. Designed, developed and manufactured by hand at our factory in Geilo. The knife is very light with a thin and razor sharp blade. We use the same steel in the kitchen knives as in part of our outdoor/hunting knives. This means that the blade’s edge stays sharp and is easy to grind it back up. The shape of the shaft is the same as the one we use on our bestseller Brusletto Hunter. We have good feedback on this shaft from experienced hikers, hunters and fishermen. The shaft is coloured/oiled curly birch.
The blade is designed to be a very good tool in the kitchen, and this combination of shaft and blade has resulted in a wonderfully good chef's knife. We recommend washing the knife by hand, as the wooden shaft is not dishwasher safe.
It is not recommended to use the knife to cut bones, as this may cause damage to the thin knife edge.