Brusletto Cutting Board Oak


Article number:BO46209718
Great cutting board with a blood groove in top quality that is equally suitable for serving as for food preparation.

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100% FSC approved, which means the product is certified for sustainable forest management. Made from oil-treated oak that is meticulously polished. If desired, the cutting board can be treated with neutral cooking oil such as coconut oil or rapeseed oil. Oiling seals the pores and prevents cracking, but note that the color will darken when the wooden board is treated. Rapeseed oil can become rancid after a while and emit an odor, but this is not a problem for cutting boards that are used regularly. Clean the cutting board under running hot water with dish soap, and rinse well with cold water. Avoid soaking the cutting board, and dry it well after cleaning. Wooden boards are not recommended for the dishwasher. A deeper cleaning can be done by rubbing with coarse salt and lemon juice. This cleans deeply and leaves the cutting board bacteria-free and pleasantly scented.

Length 38 cm
Width 28 cm
Height 2 cm