Brusletto Fiskern

Fishing knife with flexible blade and floating cork shaft

Article number:BO10105

Fishing knife with cork in the shaft that keeps it afloat. Flexible conical blade, with cork / oiled birch in the shaft. 14116 steel in the knife blade

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This is a perfect fish knife with a flexible blade and cork in the shaft that keeps the knife afloat if you are so unlucky as to drop it in the water. The shaft is flexible and is made of cork and Norwegian birch with rubber inserts between the layers which gives the knife a good grip even if it gets wet. The blade is concave and thin and makes the knife well suited for filleting fish. At the back of the shaft there is a hole to put a cord, if desired. 14116 steel in the blade which is extra durable and cork/oiled birch in the shaft. The knife comes with a leather sheath and a beautiful gift box.